14 News Skins

New this week (June-10) at Nikita Fride Designer:

★ Skin Sweet LightBlue (2 Body Tones)
★ Skin Sweet LightPink (2 Body Tones)
★ Skin Sweet Moments (2 Body Tones)
★ Skin Sweet Malicious (2 Body Tones)
★ Skin Sweet Moon (2 Body Tones)
★ Skin Sweet Sunny (2 Body Tones)
★ Skin Man Malicious (2 Body Tones)
★ Tattoo Dragon (2 versions)

And more…
★ one luck chair with a beautiful SKIN by Nikita!!!……Enjoy
I have the pleasure to introduce you all to Nikita Fride new main  store whitch is  is located at the same address as before. We now offer you more space to make your shopping time a lot more fun, Have fun and enjoy your time with us! =^.^= Kisses



New Hairs, Boots, Clothes and Belt!


All the female hairs: LollipopZ