New Hairstyles & Ebony Skins

8 New hairs! Surprise yourself with the new hair colors: Pitaya, Kiwanis, Lemon, Blueberry, Mocha and Sweet Mixed! It’s specially amazing just in talk… It will be taste in your mouth but even better in your head \o/. Perfect for Barbie Girls, Mermaid, Fairy, Gothic Dolls, Fantasy Outfit, Rock singers, Furry avatars or for that perfect artistic photo.

As you ask, there you go!! New masculine and feminine ebony skins…. come here and try the demo!

Come to be happy!



Happy Valentine’s Day – Gift from Nikita Fride

I made a special skin for men and one for women, especially for Valentine’s Day … marks kisses and beautiful tattoos differentiate these skins, just for members of the Nikita Fride Designer. So come to the store, follow the hearts on the floor and activate your group tag, then touch the box on cart… to be happy! see below the picture of your new gift skin:

Teleport now:

Kisses =^.^=

2 New Hair – Nikita Fride

New releases! “Winter Hair” with a HUD you to customize your scarf textures! and “Delicate Hair” Comes a bright version bonus and MENU to change size of hair and the appearence of rose (7 textures &  control shiny) + one version without the rose!

Come to be happy!


Kisses =^.^=

New Hairs at Nikita Fride

New hairs: Poison, Anime Doll and Innocence!

Click here to teleport:

Ps. Do not forget to check “notice” of “Nikita Fride Designer” Group a tattoo unisex GIFT available, to join our Group, you can paste the link below, in the chat in-world, and click it: 




Nikita Fride