New Hairs by Nikita Fride

Female Hairs:

★ Schoolgirl Hair
HUmmm… One of the best fetish from human mind to your head. Its like a delicious dream… “A little and innocent girl outside, but inside… A gorgeous and intense woman!”

★ Revolt Hair
All girls pass by a revolt phase… A critical, confuse and the same time  wonderful and exciting. “Its like to say: No way… No chance… I live my life no matter what happen!”

★ Shy Hair
Wow… You can be shy, but your mind fly away like a free bird… You simply fly!  “With no feras inside, just your wish… Just your desire Discover it!”

★ Daisy Hair
Cute… Fantastic! Romantic and magical like you: a fantastic woman, in a fantastic world, with a fantastic hair. ” You can be the way you want… Just dream, imagine… Then all you need is possible to come true!”

★ Magnific Hair
As the name says: MAGNIFIC! Unkempt, but Glamorous… Like every single woman. “You’re special… You’re paradoxical… You’re UNIQUE!”

★ Bride Hair with veil
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! If you’re  not a “Runway Bride”, you need to get this hair for you! ” Your wedding day need to be perfect… And you need to be a beautiful and dazzling bride!”

Male Hair:

★ Cruel Mohawk Hair
SIMPLY EXTRAORDINARY! A special mix for you. Navajo indian with cyberpunk style. You really feel this power! ” Strenght: culture and modernity together to make a incredible look for a man like you!”

Come to be happy!




Nikita Fride


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