New Hairs, New Skins… New Style!

Gothic Princess Hair is FANTASTIC … AMAZING! Beauty and eccentricity  makes of the Gothic Princess an unusual and magnetic hair. A mix of daring and perfection creating a much more than sexy look. Greed and freedom for women like you. Feel that power!

Dream Hair is Simply a dream! A beautiful hair, which exposes lightness and romanticism … Ideal for a light and relaxed look. A sweet touch of sensuality and delicacy. Undoubtedly, an unparalleled experience.

Yemaya is Fantastic … Simply amazing! Ideal for the most beautiful mermaids. Stylish, glamorous …  From the perfect and magical underwater world to your head. Fashion is not enough to describe the beauty and greatness of this hair.

Pervert Hair is a hair that can be used in various occasions. No matter the look, it has the effect of being changeable and adaptable as you are. Try it and you’ll love. ” Perverse? Depends on your point of view!”

Classic, but audacious and unique. Personality and style make this one of the most beautiful hair ever seen. No matter if your look is stripped or sophisticated, this hair looks good in both styles and will make all the difference in your head. Be versatile, be it fashion!

Skin Disco in two tones (Natural and Bronze), a skin with a makeup in vibrant colors, sexy and daring:

As requested, an Asian skin, in two tones: Natural and Bronze. Made especially for you!

And the news does not stop:
An outfit (Rain Set) a beautiful jeans sculpt coat with a mini ripped dress and Boots (Boots Platform Denim) in jeans:

Come to be happy!




Nikita Fride