Plot Collection by Nikita Fride

Ten New Skins… Inspire or conspire…

Ambition is how you want to reap, what you never planted… gold sprouting from the skin: Ambition Skin Buy Here!

Apartheid here is just a protest against racism… so that skin tones blend:
Apartheid Skin Buy Here!

Indulgence is as an insatiable drink, the more you drink, the more he thirsts: Indulgence Buy Here!

Justice not needs to have eyes to see the injustices: Justice Skin Buy Here!

Idolatry is like flowers, which delight the living and honor the dead: Idolatry Skin Buy Here!

Envy may be useful to make it stop looking at others and worry about himself: Envy Skin Buy Here!

Treachery perhaps does the right thing for the wrong reason…have a snake in relief on head, representing the uncontrollable urge:  Treachery Skin Buy Here!

Rage may be best to manifest it and be honest than mask the feelings: Rage Skin Buy Here!

Vengeance sometimes just being happy is enough to achieve a vengeance, but there are beings prefer to lose his life for it, like bees: Vengeance Skin Buy Here!

Ideology or you have yours or you follow the other: Ideology Skin Buy Here!

Come to be happy!!!



(Tip: order by age -> Newest First)




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