About Nikita Fride Designer:

Makeup artist, creating skins with emphasis on different makeups. Nikita fride was the first designer to create skins based on real cat’s face photo, male skin with label kiss and diamond drops in skin.  There  are always new products and realieses at the main store. There you will find from the most sinister and bruised skin with cuts, to the most perfect angel makeup. And Now a lot of meshes outfits and hairs to you!!!

For gentlemen and ladies…  now you will find here, many hairs with bold styling and unique texture. Always with many innovations and news for you. You’ve seen already hair with Flexi Wind Blown & Glitter or a feline hair? course no, here is the first store you will find it… Hair available in many colors: Coke, Coke Cherry, Chocolate, Pecan Vanilla, Honey, Chilli Pepper, Toffee Apple, Cherry, Caramel, Cream Strawberry, Vanilla, Grape, Chantilly, Ice, Aqua… that sounds good, no?  you’ll like it! then, come now!!!!


->in World

Real Life: Graduated in Fashion – creation and management business, and Post-graduate degree in Design and Fashion Show Production. And other formations in different areas such as accounting, photography, chrono analysis, etc … in the end, this blend, harmonize perfectly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all customers, friends, adman, fans and partnerships. I sincerely appreciate your very kind considerations every days. Thank You Very Much!


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